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A credo of teaching

February 1, 2013

Akvareller Risør07 017

I believe

  1. -that all expressions of art have more in common than not
  2. -that by isolating the various expressions within separate schools of study, the potential for aquiring artistic wisdom in their common domain is lost
  3. -that a study of the Fine Arts can only be considered complete when broad interdisciplinary aesthetical insight is valued on the same level as professional skills and knowledge
  4. -that this aesthetical insight is invaluable in acquiring expressive credibility and integrity, both as performer and creative artist, and in relation to oneself as teacher and participant in art experience
  5. -that only when the perspectives of the relationship between detail and whole are present in the teaching, there is a dynamic and fruitful learning situation
  6. -that we, as teachers of art and cultural insights, must heed the good audience and learn from the rich experiences of lovers of art and acknowledge that such experience constitutes a unique and important aesthetical compentence in itself, detached from professional terminology, knowledge and skills
  7. -that any school of the arts must actively oppose rigid dogmatic thinking and fixed mindsets, and, through the act of teaching, create an awareness of the same basic positive qualities that are expected of members within what we term as cultivated societies, such as humbleness and openness, broadmindedness and tolerance, curiosity and wonderment
  8. -that any given school must concede that the quality of whatever subject it professes to teach is entirely reliant on the quality of the individual teacher, not the curriculum.

At the academy, I primarily tutor composition students individually. I also give lectures in classes where all students of the academy participate, in two subject areas: aesthetical issues, pertaining to music and art (Bachelor level), and the broad, interdisciplinary field of applied aesthetics and philosophy of art (Master level).

I also lecture on these subjects in English, at the Academy and outside, at other art schools and for the public at large, at various venues within many professional and interest fields.

My books


Den tenkende kunstner : komposisjon og dramaturgi

som prosess og metode / Bjørn Kruse

Author: Kruse, Bjørn 1946-

Year: 2011 (new and revised from 1995 version)

Printed: Oslo, Unipub forlag

ISBN: 978-82-7477-537-4

Pages: 147


Jazzteori : grunnleggende prinsipper / Bjørn Kruse


Kruse, Bjørn 1946-




Oslo : Frost Music


82-90560-22-2, h.


Repr. with correction


165 s. mus.


Bruksmusikkarrangering / Bjørn Kruse


Kruse, Bjørn 1946-




Oslo : Norsk musikkforlag


231 s. mus.

For lectures and articles, see heading.

Order “Jazzteori” and “Bruksmusikkarrangering” at

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