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Selected works

February 1, 2013
Macro III

(for scores, see publisher’s sites orørn%20Kruse)

Chamber instrumental

“amber soliloquy” (2’40”) for solo soprano saxophone 2021

“Sei Pezzi Corti” (12′) for cl/vln/vlc/pno 2020

“Ripensamento” (10′) for solo cello 2018

“Erinnerung”  (3′)  for solo piano 2017

“Bom-bombardino” (25′) for euphonium and percussion instruments 2017

“Residue” (5′) for solo piano 2015

“Kathexis” (15′) for soprano saxophone and guitar 2009

“Eikon” (15′) for chamber ens (fl/cl/hn/trp/pno/vln/vlc) 2006

“Ottetto” (8′) for ww octett (2 ob / 2 cl / 2 hn / 2 bsn) 2004

“Memento Mori” (12’) for solo violin 2002

“Kontinuum” (5′) for solo piano 2001

“Månedans” (6’) for solo violin

“IOCUS” (6′) for piano trio 2000

“Kairos” (12´) for violin and organ 1996

“Panem et Circensis” (15’) for flute, clarinet, 2 synth, perc 1993

“Croquis” (17’) for flute (alt. on piccolo and alto fl) and perc 1993

“Exhale” (12’) for accordeon and perc 1992

“Trio Campanella” (15’) for clarinet, trombone, and piano 1989

“Gydas hemmelighet”/”The Secret of Gyda” (5’) for soprano sax and piano (also arr. for 2 perc) 1989

“Ghirlanda” (15’) for 2 pianos and 2 perc 1988

“Syntax” (15′) for solo Bb cl, 2 perc 1987

“Ornament” (20’) for clarinet and string quartet 1987

“Animal” 16′) for fl/Cl/Vln/Vlc/Pno/Perc 1980 (Norsk Musikforlag)

“Colors for saxophones” (15′) for saxophone quartet 1979

Chamber with vocals

“I søvne / Frida Kahles bilder” (6′) (Text: Kolben Falkeid), for harp and 2 sopranos 2022

“Tre canzoni” (15′) (Text: various Italian poets from the 13th Century), for counter tenor voice, recorders, lute, and viola da gamba 2022

“dream – solution questionnaire” (10′) (text: Douglas Park), for flute, harpsichord, mezzo voice, and string quartet 2019

“New Rays” (3’30”) (Text: Edvard Munch), for mezzo soprano and piano 2015

“Devoured” (6′) (Text: from ‘KNOTS’, by R. D. Laing) 2015

“Opsang” (6’) (Text: B.Bjørnson) for soprano, cello and piano 2010

“Flammehimmel” (20’) (Texts: various poets) for sop/fl/ts/vln/vlc/pno/perc 2010

“Sjeledemringen” (10′) (Text: Knut Hamsun) for soprano and piano 2009

“Jadis et naguére” (6′) (text: Paul Veraine (French and Norw. text)) for mezzo, flute and string quintet 2007

“Portrett med bortvendt andlet “(6′) (Text: Paal-Helge Haugen) for 2 sopranos and percussion player 2005

“spiral, stille” (6′) (Text: Anne Bøe) for soprano and harp 2007

“Peristyl” (Text: Fernando Pessoa) (8′) for female voice and bass clarinet 2004

“Scenen” (Text: Inger Christensen) (9′) for soprano, Bb clar., string quartet 2003

“Contrapunctus” (Text: Psalm, “”Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit”) (9′) for mezzo soprano, alto sax and organ 2000 (Cantando)

“Islys” (5’) for soprano and guitar 1990

“Jarrama”  (Text: Gunnar Ekeløv) (10’) for baryton and 1 or 2 perc 1987 (Ed. Reimers)


“Chronotope” (45′) for Bb clarinet and symphony orchestra 2014 (Norsk Musikforlag) (Awarded both the Music Publishers Award for Best Work of the Year 2017 in the category Contemporary/Classical, and the Norwegian Grammy award Composer of the Year 2017 – Spelemannprisen / Årets komponist 2017 – in the category Contemporary Music)

“Akrostikon” (20’) for organ, percussion player, and string orchestra 2011

“Timaios” (20’) for solo alto saxophone and orchestra 2009                                    (Awarded the NOPA “Special Prize Award 2010”)

“Overture” (5′) for symph. orch. (w/quotes from famous opera ouvertures) 2007

“Voodoo” (15′) for brass band 2005

“Columbine’s fury” (9′) for solo soprano saxophone and string orchestra 2005

“Nostos” (20′) Concerto for violin and string orchestra 2002

“Pierrot’s Lament” (15′) for solo soprano saxophone and string orchestra 2001

“Fugue on the march” (2’30”) for military band 2000 ((Warner/Chappell Music)

“Concerto for two percussion players and orchestra” (25′) 1998                                     (Nominated for the “Edvard Prisen 2000”)

“Harlequinade” (7′) for solo soprano saxophone and string quartet/quintet/stg orch  1996

“Saxophone Concerto” (20′) for solo tenor or alto saxophone 1991                         (Awarded the NOPA “Work of the Year Award 1992”)

“Metal” (10′) for symph. orchestra and jazz quintet (voc/t.sax/pno/bass/dms) 1985

“Lakris” (20′) Clarinet concerto for Bb/A cl./chamber orch. 1984

“Jubilate” (4′) for symph. band and mixed choir 1983                                                 (Awarded the NOPA “Work of the Year Award 1984”)

“Exit” (10′) for symphony orchestra

“Claws” (7′) for jazz orchestra 1977                                                                                  (Awarded the NOPA “Work of the Year Award 1978”)

Choir a cappella / with instruments

“Da pacem!” (30’) (Latin texts/Norwegian texts by Lars Saabye Christensen) for boys’ choir/men’s choir and harp (orch and electric) 2009

“My Mother Loves Me” (30′) (Texts from RDLaing’s “Knots”, Ave maris stella, Ave mundi spes Maria, and Stabat Mater dolorosa), for equal voices 2008

“Regn” (7’) (Text: Sigbjørn Obstfelder) for equal voices a cappella 2008 (Cantando)

“Anarkisten” (13′) (text: Fernando Soares (Norw. text)) for mixed choir and woodwind quintet 2007

“Ode to the sea” (6′) for mixed choir (Text: Excerpt from “Ode to the sea”, by Pablo Neruda) 2007 (Cantando)

“Quasi un madrigale” (15′) (texts: Allegra/Quasimodo/Montale) in 3 movements, for mixed choir a cappella 2006

“Grene af Husholdningen” (ca 10′) (tekster fra Hanna Winsnes’ kokebok (Norw. text only))  for soprano sax, viola and choir (12′) 2006

“Till de älskande” (6’) (Text: Maria Wine) for equal voices a cappella (Cantando)

“Mene tekel” (text: from Shakespeare and The Old Testament) (30′) for mixed choir and saxophone quartet (30′, in 3 parts 2004

“Vidi lecta diu” (text: Vergil) (6′) for female choir a cappella 2004 (Cantando)

“Life’s but a walking shadow” (text: Shakespeare) (4′) for mixed choir a cappella

“Music to hear, why hear’st thou music sadly?” (ca. 7′) for female vocal trio (alt. female choir a cappella) 2000

“Evig Sommarnatt” (17’) (Text: P.-H. Haugen) for vocal group (3+3), large mixed choir and bras quintet 2000 (Norsk Musikforlag)

“O. from what power hast thou this powerful might” (ca. 4′) for male choir a cappella 2000

“When I consider everything that grows” (ca. 4′) for female choir a cappella 2000

“Who will believe my verse in time to come” (ca. 4′) for mixed choir a cappella 2000

“Ro, ro lavring” (Tekst: Hilde Sandvik) (9′) for mixed choir a cappella 2000 (Cantando)

“Tiden bøyer stenen” (50’) (Text: Eivind Skeie) Requiem for mixed choir, fl/ob/cl/bsn/hn/tp/trb/tub, pno, org, perc and strings 1999 (Cantando)

“Laudate Dominum” (10′) for flute, harp, cello, solo soprano and mixed choir 1999 (Cantando)

“På evighetens tavler “(55′) (Tekst: utvalgte dikt av Hans Børli) for 2 female singers, string quartet and female choir 1999

“Vanitas” (P.-H.Haugen)(7´) for vocal sextett (SATTBB) 1996 (Cantando)

“Song of Winter “(12´)(Salah Abd al-Sabur) for mixed choir a capella 1996 (Cantando)

“Kvinnen med hermelinen” (3’) for mixed choir a cappella 1994 (Frost Music

“Le voci di sempre” (S.Allegra)(5′) for male vocal quartet or mixed choir 1988

“Elementer” (E.Skeie)(25′) for choir (equal voices) a capella 1984 (Norsk Musikforlag)


“Veiene som forsvinner” (“Vanishing Paths») (lib: Lars Saabye Christensen) Literary Chamber Opera for string quintet, piano and soloists 2021.

“Den Grøne Riddaren”/”The Green Knight” (lib: Paal-Helge Haugen) (120′) Opera for chamber orch,/choir/soloists 2004

“Adam” (lib: Philip A. Kruse)(60′) Opera-musical for soloists/mixed choir/chamber orch. 1987                                                                                                                           (Awarded NOPA’s Work of the Year Award 1987)

“Nils Holgerssons underbara resa” (S.Lagerløv/Lib: Eva Strandin)(180′) Opera for soloists, mixed choir, chamber orch. 1986

“Et sjakkspill”/”A Game of Chess” (Lib: A.Felborg)(60′) TV-opera for soloists, mixed choir and symphonic orch. 1982 (Awarded Der Opern Preis der Stadt Salzburg 1983)


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Norsk Musikforlag AS:

Edition Reimers AB

Warner/Chappell Music Norway AS

All other scores and parts available at Music Information Centre Norway


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