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February 1, 2013


“I feel a very strong link between music composing and painting. In both media I try to resolve the same, compositional issues: those dealing with the dialogue between intuitive, spontaneous action and strategic, structural/material deliberation.”

Most influential teachers:

Kenneth Blom (oils),

Synneva Heradstveit,

Bjørnulf Dyrud,

Erik Anker

and Lena Boijer (watercolour),

and Peter Esdaile (acrylics).

See also Saatchi online

Exhibitions at various venues,amongst others,

the Italian Culture Institute in Oslo (watercolours)

and Gallery Albin Upp, Oslo (paintings)

plakatauig09kruseInvitasjon Albin Upp 2010

Sep 2010

Albin Upp, Oslo, sharing room

with architect Jan Digerud

“Rommet og Tiden”  (Space and time)

In this exhibition, we try to represent our fields

of architecture and music in the painted medium.

I’ve called my series of paintings “Shapes in Space”,

superimposing and structuring organic, spontaneous

figurations (shapes) in the strict confines of deliberate

form (space) – or visa versa – much as I do when I

compose music.

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